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The Vision of the RBHS Foundation is to generate the financial resources needed to establish Rancho Bernardo High School as a world-class educational institution, preparing its students for global challenges. Our Mission is to raise funds through public and private sources.

Founded in 1990, we are a mix of volunteers: parents, as well as community, business, and education leaders. We operate as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) business organization. Our goal is to provide financial opportunities to help bridge the gap between the increasing cost of education and insufficient funds from the district and state.

Our Foundation works in partnership with administration, staff, teachers and parents to identify needs and projects that benefit YOUR Rancho Bernardo student. With new leadership, ideas, and plans each school year, donations will be used toward programs and projects that will truly enhance the RB Experience.

As a non-profit organization, we can accept donations through grants, bequests, and outright donations – financial and in-kind, which can be used to enhance the quality of education around our campus. The success of this organization is based on parent volunteers and community involvement. Please contact the Foundation to see how you can be involved.

The Foundation is sponsoring fundraisers to help teams and groups raise money for their programs.

Visit the Donations Page to see how you can help.

Thank you for your support. Jeff Carpenter, President