When can I attend the next RBHS Foundation meeting?

Welcome! We would love to have you join us at our next meeting, which are held on the THIRD Thursday of each month during the school year in the RBHS Parent Center. Meetings begin at 6 PM and last approximately an hour and a half.

What if I want to participate but can’t make it to the meeting?

We would love to have you join us at the events we host throughout the year. Throughout the school year, we also organize campus beautification events and other community events on to be determined dates (generally Saturdays).

Why are donations needed? Aren’t tax dollars supposed to pay for public education?

In 1978, California’s legendary Proposition 13 drastically affected public education by capping the state’s property tax rates and making it very difficult for communities to issue bonds. Prop 13 sparked a remarkable grassroots response, resulting in the establishment of public school foundations to raise funds to contribute to public education. The fact is that funds received by RBHS from the Poway Unified School District and the State are insufficient. In every measure of funding, PUSD ranks near the bottom of all high school districts (last in per-student funding in the country, and 89th out of 93 in the state). And sadly, California ranks 29th in the nation in spending per pupil, $6,250 below top-ranking District of Columbia. The Trustees in our district have wisely focused their funds on classroom instruction.

Therefore, if RBHS is to continue to provide a well-rounded educational environment, the funds to support extracurricular activities and programs as well as capital equipment and campus improvements must be raised privately through donations.

What’s in it for students who don’t participate in clubs or sports?

Donations help maintain the existence of a high-quality educational environment that includes, but is not limited to, individual participation in extracurricular activities. RBHS would be a completely different setting without: a state-of-the-art library media center and technology in the classroom; art, music, and theatre programs; and an important monthly newsletter to parents. Contributions help maintain the existence of a high-quality education, cultural and athletic environment, the availability of choices, and the safety net for all of our developing young adults.

Are parents required to contribute to their child’s extracurricular activities?

Required? No. Encouraged? Yes. The dollars for students to participate must come from somewhere, and most parents want to support their own child’s efforts whenever possible. The programs at RBHS are high-quality, and we want to maintain and improve those standards. Programs with high standards provide opportunities for students to explore new fields successfully. It’s important for our students to have the safest and the best materials and equipment. Contributions benefit as many students as possible and no student is ever turned away from participating in any activity because of money.

How much are parents expected to contribute?

Every single dollar helps underwrite the programs at RBHS, so every donation, regardless of the amount, is significant Most parents who consider their child’s educational environment to be a priority will do their best to make a donation to help underwrite their student’s participation and also help underwrite the programs that benefit every student. We strive to have 100% parent participation.

Who else is asked to contribute?

Many people: alumni, parents, family members, past Board Members, community members, businesses, corporations and charitable foundations. As one of the top-ranked high schools in the country, RBHS is recognized as a very valuable asset to the community. This support has helped to further excellence in public school education for all students, as they prepare to become self-directed learners, successful collaborative workers, effective communicators, world citizens, and active community participants.

How are contributions made?

  • Through gifts of cash, securities, or real estate.
  • Through a bequest by including RBHS Foundation in your will or trust.
  • Through life insurance by assignment of “no longer needed” insurance policies or a new one naming RBHS Foundation as the beneficiary.
  • By naming RBHS Foundation as the final beneficiary of your retirement plan.
  • Call us or mail your donation to:

RBHS Foundation
13010 Paseo Lucido
San Diego, CA 92128-4478
Federal Tax ID#: 33-0427423

What is expected of me if I decide to become an RBHS Foundation member?

All RBHS Foundation members are expected to attend monthly meetings. Everyone needs to volunteer as an executive board member at some point. Since we are a fundraising organization, all members are expected to help organize, provide support, and help execute these events. We serve as a “hub” to organize the events at top level with each club or group that participates in the event providing their own volunteers to raise their own money. We do not require a financial contribution to be a board member. We are more interested in your time, resources, and commitment toward our efforts to raise as much money as possible for RBHS programs.

If you are interested in joining the Foundation, either as a volunteer or a Board member, or if you have any questions about the Foundation, please contact us at rbhsfoundation@yahoo.com